Savoring Your Taste Buds

Spring has arrived and the warm weather has me wanting to sit out on the front porch with friends and a koozie in my hand. I usually enjoy having a few beers when I socialize but lately I’ve been craving ice-cold refreshments that serve as a healthy alternative to my typical choice of budlight lime. (which is a devious source of calories and sugar). I have been experimenting with healthier drink options to indulge in this summer without having to consume twice as many calories. I’ve turned it into a type of domestic project, which I think will be worth it in the end because not only will it be hale and hearty, it’ll taste good in the process. Here are some of my own recommendations if you want to try a healthy and flavorful drink that’s a change from what you’re used to.

Size matters. Don’t spoil yourself with limitless margaritas. Keep track of your liquid calories and limit yourself to one serving which is around 8 ounces.

Be able to resist. Mixed drinks can contain a lot of alcohol so if you’re experimenting with your own home remedies, try to limit yourself to one shot per drink. It will really make a difference when you’ve put a few cocktails down.

Choose healthy ingredients. Believe it or not, sugar and empty calories aren’t the only ingredients in your favorite drinks. I’ve found that some cocktails have lemon juice and even coffee that have their own benefits. If you stick to drinking four loko’s all the time, you’ll end up dehydrated and wake up with the worst hang over of your life (the alcohol and caffeine don’t tend to mix well.)

Use bright colors. It’s always fun to show off your flashy drinks with the fancy straw, so go ahead and stick a strawberry on the size or throw in some diced peaches. Using whole fruit rather than artificial sugar is a great way to receive your daily amounts of vitamins and fiber.

If making your own drinks at home is too much work, FitDay is a good source in discovering a variety of healthy drinking options to order at your local bar/grille.


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