New Rights For Self Expression

The legalization of gay marriage is a hot topic lately, with many states aiming to protect individual rights and distribute freedom equally. Same-sex marriages are already recognized in six states and the District of Columbia, but Maryland is about to join in at number 8 on the list. This recent decision will hit close to home for many West Virginia University students because Maryland is a bordering state and some of our student body resides from Maryland. There will be some who are against the same-sex marriage bill, but others who will be very happy. This lets same-sex couples know that they don’t have to go too far from home to get married, but most importantly that lawmakers are on the right path to doing what’s right.

Here is a YouTube video that shows how people are reacting to the new bill and what it means to some personally.

Below is a map outlining the seven states that allow same-sex marriages and the five states that permit civil unions rights similar to marriage.


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