Jogging My Memory

For the past week, our interactive journalism class has been expected to blog every day. When the assignment was first proposed, it seemed impossible due to the fact I have other classes and homework. Luckily, blogging daily wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated it to be, but it wasn’t easy either. I take my blog seriously and want to do a good job so it takes me a good hour to write a thorough post. Since I’m interested in health, coming up with ideas about what to blog wasn’t a difficult task. There are always health concerns and improvements being made to enhance our lifestyles. The real challenge was having enough hours in the day to balance out classes, homework, studying, blogging, and well even eating. I learned that I’m becoming a better writer by exercising my thoughts and writing whatever comes to mind. I used to just sit there and panic but if I just start writing, it will all come full circle.

I enjoy blogging because it’s personal, yet public and holds so much room for opinion. I’m very outspoken, so expressing what I feel about various subjects isn’t a tough chore. Over time, I’ve learned that if you put enough effort into what you’re doing, hard work will pay off. I signed onto Twitter last night to see someone had retweeted one of my blog posts. It was a great feeling  knowing someone cared to read about what I had to say. I also learned that blogging isn’t just about your own outlook, but why it’s important to the overall community. When this class this started, I was completely lost, but I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of things and I think this assignment helped.


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