Love Stinks

Valentine’s Day might be the most hated holiday in existence due to it’s acknowledgment of only those in blissful relationships. It can leave you feeling adored with ridiculous amounts of gifts at your doorstep, or the loneliest person on the planet. Granted, some people love being single, while others had their heart broken right before the big day. In every aspect, it’s just another day and students need to remember stay positive. It’s important to your mental, physical, and emotional health. Trust me, everyone knows love stinks.

Try to avoid seeking these bad habits for comfort:

1. Overindulging. Everyone does it, but it seems to be more accepted with the holiday occuring just once a year. If you’re stuffing your face with your cheap ice cream and a self bought box of chocolates, it may seem like a convenient way to let your emotions take over. Instead, push the bowl away and call an old friend.

2. Excessive drinking. Everyone has heard of the old cliche, “drinking your sorrows away.” Many people tend to think consuming too much alcohol is a type of mind eraser or sweet escape, but it isn’t the healthy way to handle your feelings. Eventually, you come back to reality. You can’t run from your problems, so schedule an appointment to talk to a counselor on campus.

3. Dwelling on the past. Thinking about things you can’t change is one of the worst things you can do (yes, this includes calling your ex boyfriend/girlfriend). With that being said, don’t sit in your bedroom and mope for 8 hours or have a sappy movie marathon. Get up and focus on why your life is so awesome, whether that means inviting your best friend over or going to the gym to burn off some tension.

4. Irresponsible behavior. What I mean by this is don’t do something due to blinded emotion that you’ll regret. People tend to become careless and throw themselves at whoever for security when they’re depressed. Making rash decisions will make you feel worse and can even threaten your sexual health. STD’s are permanent, while moods are only temporary.

5. Stress. Don’t let a silly holiday bring negative thoughts to your mind. Staying on top of your homework and going to class are top priorities, so don’t allow your lack of companionship be the reason you fall behind.


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