Universities Cutting Costs

For the past few days, I’ve been sick so I finally decided to visit the office of student health this morning. While I was there, I not only obtained a prescription, but discovered that WVU is in the process of requiring students to have some form of health insurance. WVU currently has health coverage for students through the insurance company, Aetna, but only requires it for international and graduate students.  Although I’m insured through my parents, this will be very beneficial to other students who want to avoid medical costs when they have no other choice but to see a physician. I know some students wait as long as possible before seeking treatment because they’re broke college students and medical costs can be outrageous. Between classes and homework, there isn’t always enough time for a job.

A couple years ago, my dad was laid off from work and couldn’t afford to keep paying for our families medical insurance. I had to depend on store bought medications to recover from a mild cold or something more severe (swine flu). I was forced to miss class and my grades suffered because I was without a secure insurance plan.

Now, students will have something to rely on when they’re sick and won’t have to take the risk of going to class and spreading germs all over their desks. Unpredictable circumstances can arise at any time which is what makes this required health care such a valuable resource. From what I understand, most universities already utilize this plan. There may be a small monthly fee, but it’s affordable and above all else, you’re seeking treatment.  The University hasn’t decided what services this new plan entails, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.


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