Birth Control Recall

A major public concern that’s generating controversy within my blogroll and other various outlets is the recall involving birth control. Pfizer is withdrawing approximately one million packages of pills containing either the wrong placement of pills or the amount of pills was said to be inaccurate. It may not pose a serious threat to women’s health, but it does increase the possibility of an accidental pregnancy. This is not only an important issue for sexually active women, but men too. I know I don’t want to take on the role of becoming a parent in the near future. Many college students take the right steps to avoid getting pregnant through contraceptives and trust what they’re being prescribed. We rely on medical companies and professionals to provide effective drugs for our own health and safety, not supply us with the wrong tablets.

Courtesy of Google images.

With that being said, it can be overwhelming that what you’re using may not be as dependable as you thought. In fact, Lo/Ovral is one type of birth control that’s being recalled and unfortunately happens to be the kind that I take. I’ve been using it for many years, and never had any problems (with the exception of a rare missed pill). Many women now have to worry about what is potentially out of their hands. It’s important to take the correct pills, but also stay with one brand because the transition to new type of birth control may leave unpleasant side effects. With the error of the pharmaceutical company, side effects may be a better choice than taking the risk of another mishap. The NPR and New York Times blog are discussing how several women feel frustrated and dissatisfied.

Luckily, Pfizer took action to correct their mistakes immediately, but it’s still an irresponsible slip up.  The FDA suggests patients prescribed these birth control medications should notify their doctor and return the pills as soon as possible. Let’s hope the inconvenience of making a trip to the pharmacy outweighs the odds of an unplanned pregnancy.


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